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Wednesday, March 18 2015

Did You Know that Business Owners can get money for their business quickly by borrowing against future credit card sales through merchant advances and merchant credit lines for their business.

These loans and credit lines use past and current credit card history to determine how much financing you can be approved for.

Money is advanced based on how much the business processes each month in credit card transactions.

Then a small portion of each future credit card sale goes towards paying back the merchant loan or credit line not interfering with cash and check receipts.

There are no fixed repayment amounts or terms which gives you as the business owner  flexibility when having a slow month.

One of the best benefits of merchant financing is that money can be received as soon as 24 hours after approval.

Another great benefit of merchant loans is the business owner doesn't have to have good credit to qualify. These loans leverage positive credit card processing history to get businesses approved, not personal credit scores.

There are some credit score restrictions, but in most cases a business owner can be approved with even below average personal credit scores.

And there is no personal guarantee required and no collateral is needed to qualify.

Merchant loans can be obtained up to $250,000. How much you will be approved for will be determined based on how much you process in credit card transactions each month.

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses.

If the business uses credit cards as a payment source, merchant financing can be the perfect way to obtain a lot of money in a short period of time.

This financing is available for businesses that process as low as $5,000 monthly in credit card transactions. And the higher the credit cards processed the higher amount of financing clients will be approved for.

There are no application fees and no out-of-pocket costs.

And fund scan be used  for almost any purpose including payroll, marketing, increase business inventory, pay taxes, pay rent, advertising, order supplies and equipment, expand their business and open an additional location, or use the funds for working capital.

Merchant Advance Loans are a great source of capital for any business and is one of many funding programs available for you and your clients through the Business Finance Suite.

TRW Credit Services can help obtain money and credit for your with the use of our TRW Business and Financing Suite. 

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