Credit Card Lines

REBUILD Your Credit With NEW Positive Revolving Credit Lines

Below are some trusted & proven ways to add new, positive credit lines to your profile

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Cristino Murfy

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Calvin Carlo

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Miriam Jockky

Exp: 03/23

This is an excellent secured card to re-build your positive revolving credit. It reports quickly and most of the time it doesn’t impact your score with a hard inquiry. It also doesn’t report as a secured card. Take advantage of this by the 1st of the month, and it will report on the 5th. There are NO excessive fees! Simply choose the card that you prefer; you may choose up to two First Progress cards and one Hutton Chase card.

  • Get Approved Fast – Just Click Below to Start the Process!
  • New Feature! See if you’re Pre-Approved in as little as 60 seconds, with no harm to your credit score!
  • Receive Your Card More Quickly with New Expedited Processing Option
  • No Credit History or Minimum Credit Score Required for Approval
  • Quick and Complete Online Application
  • Full-Feature Platinum MasterCard® Secured Credit Card
  • Good for Car Rental, Hotels; Anywhere Credit Cards are Accepted!
  • Monthly Reporting to all 3 Major Credit Bureaus to Establish Credit History
  • Credit Line Secured by Your Fully-Refundable Deposit of $300 — $2,000 Submitted with Application
  • Just Pay Off Your Balance and Receive Your Deposit Back at Any Time
  • 24/7 Online Access to Your Account
  • Nationwide Program – though not yet available in NY, IA, AR, or WI


$ $29 /year
  • The First Progress Platinum Elite
  • MasterCard® Secured Credit Card
  • Merchandise APR = 19.99%
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$ 39 /year
  • First Progress Platinum Select
  • MasterCard® Secured Credit Card
  • Merchandise APR = 14.99%
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$ 44 /year
  • First Progress Platinum Prestige
  • MasterCard® Secured Credit Card
  • Merchandise APR = 11.99%
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